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Tyler Cameron Makes It Sound Like He is Single Once Again

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Tyler Cameron of The Bachelorette seemed to move on quickly after his split from Hannah B. He was seen with Gigi Hadid right away. It looked like Tyler was already off the market. Now, he is speaking out and making it sound like he is single, confusing fans. Everyone thought that Gigi and Tyler were going to last.

Tyler Cameron seems single again

Us Weekly shared that Tyler Cameron is teasing that he might be single again. He hasn’t been spotted with Gigi near as much as he was at first. Maybe they have decided to just be friends. The romance started quickly after it was revealed that Tyler wasn’t the one Hannah B picked in the end.

Tyler was working the bar on Watch What Happens Live. On this show, he said “I may be single.” Tyler also mentioned wanting to date a normal girl. That sounds like he isn’t looking for a celebrity. Ladies, maybe you haven’t lost your chance yet!

Tyler Cameron has said that he wants to try and date privately. That isn’t going to be very easy for him after being on The Bachelorette. Now, everyone wants to know what Tyler is doing even in his personal life. He won’t ever get away from that.

Tyler moved on from Hannah B

Tyler really seems to have moved on from Hannah B. He is doing his own thing in New York City. She is working hard on Dancing With the Stars. It doesn’t look at all like these two are going to end up back together. You never know what will happen in the future though. Maybe they could both end up on Bachelor in Paradise. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Tyler showed up there.

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