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‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Spoilers: Who Returns To See Peter Weber?


The Bachelor has been busy filming the 2020 season. Some news came out that Bachelor Peter Weber was very sick and had to cancel the group date on September 24. The date was set to take place at Avalon Hollywood. The audience was about to file in when the announcement was made that everyone would have to go home.

What was wrong with The Bachelor Peter Weber

According to the latest information by Reality Steve, turns out Peter was not sick at all. Steve said in his blog he thought the whole thing was odd to begin with. The Bachelor had never cancelled a whole group date due an illness.

Apparently, there are even pictures of Peter standing outside prior to the date. If he was that sick, why would he show up at all? So what was wrong with Peter? Steve shared news that an Instagram post had been circulating and sent to him directly regarding Peter’s absence. The message said Peter wasn’t sick at all. He skipped out on the date to spend time with former Bachelorette Hannah Brown.

Is the information from Instagram reliable?

Steve shared that he would not publicly post the information without a little investigating on his own. According to Steve, the date was going to consist of the women telling embarrassing, intimate stories. Hannah B. was there to host the date. Everyone by now knows about her escapades in the windmill with Peter. Also, that it happened not once but four times. Steve says The Bachelor chose Peter for the job because they want to link Hannah to as much of the story-lines as possible.

It has been said that Hannah showed up as planned and had a talk with Peter. Apparently, Peter got very emotional. He told the women he needed to sort through some feelings and sent them home for this portion of the date. However, Steve says the evening portion of the date still continued on as planned.

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Peter Weber’s feelings for Hannah Brown

Reality Steve feels this was just productions way of shaking things up a bit. While he admits Peter probably still has some feelings for Hannah, it’s not enough to throw shade on his season. Hannah has her own life to live at the moment. She is currently competing on Dancing With the Stars and probably has no intention of trying to start up a romance with Peter again.

While everyone may think there is more to the story, Steve believes there is not. He simply thinks they just want to throw Hannah into some story-lines. Since that cancellation, filming has continued on track.

Will Peter find love this season? What do you think about Hannah returning and rattling Peter? Don’t miss the 2020 season of The Bachelor when it airs in January.


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