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‘Counting On’: Jill Dillard Considers Dogs For The Kids – Fans Give Loads Of Advice On Breeds

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Counting On alum Jill Dillard may not be on the TLC show anymore, but she still keeps plenty of fans following her Instagram. She posted up about considering getting some dogs for the kids and loads of fans offered advice. Mostly, they came up with ideas about dog breeds.

Counting On fans hear about Jill Dillards dog thoughts

Jill Dillard took to her Instagram on Saturday and shared about considering getting some dogs for the kids. She posted up a lovely photo of the two boys. The little ones cuddle three pups and the look on their faces is just priceless. Jill captioned it, mentioning they think about Christmas. She wrote, “So…my hubby and I have been talking about possibly…maybe…someday…maybe…getting the boys a dog. 💙👏🏼.”

She added, “Okay, so maybe for Christmas, but idk. 🙈,” before continuing.” Next, she invited some input from Counting On fans, noting, “Anyways, we wanted to get y’all’s thoughts & tips on best kid-friendly medium/big sized dogs and why…and any other tips for adopting a rescue dog and/or anything else helpful to think about! 🤗 🙊And shhh, don’t tell the boys. lol 🤫.”

Fans give advice on owning dogs and different breeds

When it comes to opinions on dogs, there’s quite a lot of conflicting ideas. Some fans simply said they should not even think about dogs yet as the kids are too small. Others mentioned being around to look after them all the time. Mind you, with Derick looking to follow a legal career, possibly the days of wandering around as a missionary came to a permanent end. Also, a home with a yard’s important. Other Counting On fans gave out strong opinions on which breed they should consider.

“Some fans came out dead against poodles, while others raved about them. Here’s what the pro-poodlers said about them:

  • “I have a standard poodle and he is amazing with both my nine-month-old and my two-year-old… like AMAZING!!”
  • “yes i grew up with having poodles and I had my little Nicky who was a blind poodle and the sweetest little man I could have ever wanted.”
  • “my family has about 6 poodles and they are actually very friendly and sweet dogs, and we have 5 kids under 10.”

Other suggested breeds for Jill Dillard’s kids

This may sound strange, but quite a few people favored boxer dogs for the kids. Obviously, some Counting On fans thought they displayed too much aggression, but other fans assured that they might lick people to death, but that’s about it. While many others agreed the breed’s wonderful for families, others pointed out the downside: “They have gas.”

What do you think about Jill Dillard considering some pups for the kids? What type of dog would you recommend? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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