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‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers, Girls Forced To Leave Group Date Early

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Filming may not be off to a good start for Peter Weber. According to Reality Steve, some girls already had to leave a group date after Peter got sick.

**Warning, Bachelor spoilers ahead. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to know anymore**

Peter cancels a group date

Peter Weber has already canceled a group date while filming The Bachelor. However, it’s not because of crazy drama. He actually just came down with something Reality Steve said. Apparently, there was supposed to be an audience in Avalon Hollywood ready for the group date to arrive. Instead of getting to be apart of the group date though, they were all told to go home.

“(SPOILER): As todays group date audience was set to file in to the @AvalonHollywood, they announced that Peter was very sick and the group date was cancelled. Everyone was sent home,” Steve reported on Twitter.

Steve later went on to say it may have been food poisoning that ailed poor Peter. Whatever it was, apparently the girls were actually waiting around for him to show up for a couple of hours. That has to be a terrible feeling.

Steve also reported they had to write about some interesting and personal topics while waiting for Peter’s arrival. Only time will tell what that’s all about.

Social Media Reacts to the Bachelor’s Decision

The social media responses were actually pretty funny for it being such a frustrating thing. Peter probably didn’t want to cancel but had to health reasons. That doesn’t mean that Twitter users weren’t total savages about it.

“Mike would never,” one user commented.

“Like home HOME? Because that would be funny AF,” another user wrote. They aren’t wrong, that would be a pretty big twist in the show if all those girls on the group date just had to go home. However, Steve likely just meant the audience had to go home.

Hopefully, the rest of the season won’t go this poorly for Peter. However, Hannah also got sick pretty early on so this may be a trend for leads of the show. She powered through and turned hers into a date though. Her date was also only a one-on-one. It may be weird to have an entire group of girls try to hang out with you when you are sick.

Are you sad to hear about Peter and his sickness? Let us know what you think in the comments. Be sure to watch the new season of The Bachelor when it premiers in January and come back to TV Shows Ace for news on all of your favorite Bachelor Nation stars.

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