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‘OutDaughtered’: Adam And Danielle Busby Prepare For A Vacation After Long Filming

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OutDaughtered fans commented how exhausted Danielle Busy looked recently. Now, we hear from Danielle that she and Adam prepare for a nice vacation. It looks like Danielle certainly needs one after a long season filming for TLC. TV Shows Ace noted, “Adam and Danielle have been candid about the difficulties they face as their kids get older. Danielle’s recent Instagram post even shows the exhaustion she is currently struggling with.” So, concerned fans who noticed that might applaud a bit downtime for the busy parents right now.

OutDaugtered mom, Danielle talks about her vacation on IG Stories

On her Instagram Stories Thursday night, Danielle explained that it’s been a very long season of filming. Actually, with the almost back-to-back season, it must be tiring. The recent season ended only a short while ago, but the next one comes in October. In her short video, Danielle said, “Adam and I are going on a vacation next week.” She added that it’s “much needed, after long, long, long, months of filming.” Again, she said, “so we’re going on a vacation next week.”

We don’t know if the quints will go along as well, or their daughter Blayke Louise, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be fine. Also, it looks like the bad weather’s something the OutDaughtered parents will be glad to get away from. She noted, “With Tropical Storm Imelda over the Gulf Coast area, it’s been a rainy and nasty week.” Danielle actually tried to spend time at the pool to get a bit of a tan but failed miserably.

OutDaughtered Danielle and Adam go on vacation
Image credit – Danielle Busby | Instagram Stories

Fans get angry when Danielle and Adam of OutDaughtered take vacations

For some reason, some fans of OutDaughtered get grumpy when the busy couple takes vacations. But, this time, with everyone agreeing Danielle looked exhausted, maybe those followers will be a bit more understanding. Over on her main IG page, Danielle also shared her new hair-style. She switched it up a bit, ahead of their vacation. Danielle said, “It may not look like a big difference in the picture but I was so nervous to color my hair. I went for a Reverse Balayage…and I basically had 50 diff ideas & pictures but didn’t want it too drastic…wanted it subtle but enough to see the color difference. (Basically, I didn’t want to be a skunk).”

Well, fans loved her new look and many congrats and compliments poured in for her. @adavis6565 noted, “very natural, looks great 💕.” Meanwhile, others noted the difference immediately. The cut and color make her look fresh and young; a far cry from how she looked a week or so back. @ashlyner_67 dais it for a lot of fans: “It’s so pretty 💜💜 also you are such an inspiration of the person I want to be in the future and I look you to you so much!!!”

What do you think about the long filming season and a vacation for her and Adam? Did you think she Danielle Busby looked exhausted a few days ago? Do you like her new hair color? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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