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Adam Busby Doesn’t Understand Why People Are So Critical

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Raising six children isn’t an easy task and doing it in front of the camera is even harder. Adam Busby and his wife Danielle have said they felt called by God to share their story. They do, however, have to deal with living under a microscope. Recently Danielle Busby even made an announcement she loved all her children equally.

She said the way the show was edited can’t possibly show everything. It doesn’t show the attention they give to each child all the time. Fans can be pretty blunt with their opinions and they feel safe to share online any chance they get. Adam Busby took to social media to say people were crazy for judging how they raised their kids from behind their keyboards.

What Prompted Adam Busby To Comment About How People Viewed Their Parenting?

Adam Busby and his wife have been criticized for everything from not putting a fence around their pool to taking time to go out on dates. Lately, the big point of conflict between their fans has been Riley’s advancement to Kindergarten ahead of her sisters.

Danielle posted on her Instagram addressing those who’d been supportive and those who hadn’t. The reality mom said, “Thank you to the moms out there that lift each other up and not pick out a flaw to exploit! Mommin is hard but is the best gift I have ever been given.”

She certainly does have her hands full and being able to see first hand how crazy it is with that many kids makes moms everywhere think they can do anything.

What Did The Reality Dad Say About The Haters?

Adam told People they are much more careful with what they post on social media. He stated, “people are looking at our photos and looking at our posts under a microscope just to find out what they can criticize about it.”

The reality dad continued, “it’s crazy. And I don’t know what it is. Is it just to mask one’s own insecurities so they can have this persona online that they have everything together if they shame another mom? It’s really bizarre.”

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While it can’t be easy living under a microscope, fans do love to see the girls. They enjoy seeing their lives on the show and social media.

It seems no matter what they do, they can’t make everyone happy. That’s just something that comes along with being on reality television. The stars are always judged no matter what they do. When it comes to raising six kids, no one would be perfect.

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