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Mykelti Brown Rumored Pregnant, ‘Sister Wives’ Star Finally Answers

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A new rumor has surfaced around the Sister Wives family, among the current rumor of the family possibly falling apart. Is there a possibility of the family growing? Meaning, is Mykelti Brown pregnant?

One of the Browns’ daughters, the fifth for Christine and the second for Kody, has been in the news lately for what originally seemed like nothing but a harmless Instagram post.

Mykelti, 23-years old, shared this photo with the caption, “I need more coffee, to be honest, but since I can’t have that yet, I have Mitzi.”

Fans Might Have Taken Their Pregnancy Assumptions Too Far This Time

This name-drop is a reference to the brand the top Mykelti is wearing in the photo. Usually, fans and followers will think they see a baby bump and take this and run with it. They will take their belief and share it all over social media, thus starting the rumor.

According to TheHollywood, that’s not exactly what happened in this situation. Fans took more into account than just a baby bump here. They looked closely into what Mykelti wrote in her caption about coffee. They focused on the phrase, “can’t have any coffee.”

Fans began to question, is this because there’s a baby growing in here?

Followers began to comment: “Pregnant???” Another questioned, “Are you having a baby?” A third wrote: “Pregnancy hint?”

To all of the comments and questions about pregnancy, Mykelti Brown gave each a simple reply of, “Nope.”

Pregnant women tend to avoid coffee or caffeine entirely, so why was she stating she was unable to?

If Not Pregnant, Then Why Can’t The Sister Wives Star Have Coffee?

Brown explained that she ran out of coffee. That is why she couldn’t have any in the time the photo was taken.

Fans and followers reply with a: “Oh. Okay then.”

Mykelti and her now-husband, Antonio Padron, got engaged in June of 2016. She confirmed this exciting news with this sentiment:

“Tony completes me in every way. He is an incredible man and, together, I believe we are perfect.”

The two lovebirds were married on December 17, 2016, and have not spoken about plans to pursue a polygamous lifestyle.

It sounds like Sister Wives is coming back for a new season soon.

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