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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Is Connected To More OG’s Than Gretchen and Lizzie

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Braunwyn Windham-Burke got into it with her co-stars when it came out she’d contacted Gretchen Rossi and Lizzie Rovsek. The RHOC star has said they reached out to her. Tamra Judge especially wasn’t pleased by this. Judge doesn’t get along with either of the Orange County alumni.  Caught in a lie the scene ended with the mother of seven in tears after admitting she messed up.

According to Bravo TV, her connections to the OG’s of the OC do not end there. “Jeana Keough, the first Jeana, the very first in the original, was a very good family friend of my grandparents, so I started watching it just because of that, and I haven’t missed an episode since,” Braunwyn said.

She’s friends with Meghan King Edmonds as well who is going to show back up on RHOC during this season. Meghan left the show after Season 12. According to Bravo TV, the two moms went to the Long Beach Aquarium for a fun day with Braunwyn’s kids. They shared pictures of the fun on their Instagram stories. It seems Braunwyn hasn’t shied away from making friends with all the OGs.

Who Would Braunwyn Windham-Burke Love To See Come Back?

The Daily Dish asked Braunwyn Windham-Burke who she would love to see come back on the show out of all the alums. She said she’d like to see Heather Dubrow come back.

As the season continues fans will see how her relationship with Tamra progresses after the initial spat. The blow-up was the first for the RHOC rookie. There is a reason Tamra Judge became so upset about Braunwyn talking to the two former RHOC stars. According to Screen Rant the two alumni were a large part of a rumor that spread saying Tamra’s husband Eddie was actually gay.

Tamra Judge has been incredibly volatile lately getting into Twitter fights with both Camille Grammer and Bethenny Frankel. An article on the Cheat Sheet had Tamra saying, “I hate when a housewife either gets fired or says she quits… When they go on record and say, ‘I just need to spend time with my kids,” Really? Because you weren’t spending time because we work three hours a day?”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke better prepare herself for Tamra and her Twitter rants. She’s not afraid to speak her mind at all.


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