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Tyler C. Has A New Roommate in the City That Never Sleeps

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Oh to be young and single.  Throughout August, Tyler C was camping out on his best friend’s couch when he wasn’t staying over Gigi Hadid’s apartment. He had already planned to move to the Big Apple and pursue his modeling career even before he became a contestant on The Bachelorette. TV Shows Ace previously reported that Tyler was apartment hunting in the fashion capital which is definitely the place to be for modeling work. 

But Tyler C clearly has not hit mega supermodel status yet, as he and bf Matt James have decided to live together. The duo are already long-time pals, work-out buddies, and ABC Food Tours business partners.

They Even Have a Couple Name

On Bachelor Party  podcast, Cameron announced,  

“We’re gonna get an apartment together and figure it out. We’re moving up in the world. We’re looking at apartments this week and next week and Myler is staying strong, that’s our couple name.”

It appears Matt and Tyler C have always had a sort of big-brother, little-brother relationship. In college, Matt took Tyler under his wing. Tyler is grateful for him showing him around both at school and now in NYC.

Would Matt Ever Try To Find Romance on Reality TV?

While Tyler had fun and gained popularity with fans, The Bachelorette ultimately did not work for Tyler in terms of finding his true soul mate. However, Tyler thinks Matt would make a fantastic Bachelor and has encouraged him to go on The Bachelorette. Matt is “notoriously picky when it comes to his dating life” so its extremely unlikely that he would consider this.

“It’s just not a way he wants to go about and find [a partner.] He’s very selective and particular in who he wants. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone he’s dated. He’s that particular about who he dates and very low-key until he figures it out,” he said.

What Does Gigi Think of Mr. James?

Hmmm, but the bigger question at the moment is has Gigi met Matt yet? We really hope she likes himalmost as much as Tyler does. It appears as if things are becoming more and more heated up between the pair. Maybe this is another reason why Tyler is content living with Matt now. He’ll be staying at Gigi’s apartment fairly regularly so why pay a hefty NYC rent by yourself when the female in your life has a sweet pad? Tyler has already been spotted on a Starbucks run upstate at Lake George at a Starbucks with Gigi, as well as partied with her and the VMA after parties. He also attended her grandmother’s funeral which definitely means their relationship is much more than casual.

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