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Dean Unglert Jokes About His Mustache & Reveals A Probable BIP Spoiler

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Reality Steve is responsible for most of the spoilers pertaining to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The contestants are contractually obligated not to reveal details about the season prior to airing. The sister show to the franchise that takes place in “Paradise” a lot more laid back and low-key.  Similarly, the cast seems to have much less stringent rules when it comes to sharing or providing TMI on social media.
Dean Babies, (which is Unglert’s handle) we are pointing at you. He may have seemed to be joking about all of his “baggage and mustache,” but the image reveals a lot about his on/off relationship with fellow contestant beauty queen Caelynn.

Dean posted the guilty photo to Instagram on Sept. 3. It features him at LAXAirport, with a grin on his clean-shaven face (hallelujah) and a piece masking of tape on his shirt with “Caelynn’s” name on it. The caption reads:

“Missing baggage: if found please return to @caelynnmillerkeyes. [On my way] back to #bachelorinparadise tonight with a new look ??.”
Show promos have made viewers aware that Dean would be returning once again to Paradise. But, at this point, fans are not supposed to think Dean and Caelynn have been hanging out and literally “wearing her name on his heart.”

Lousy Timing or Purely Coincidental for Dean Unglert?

Caelynn posted a photo of her on a plane in her Instagram Stories only a couple of hours before Dean posted this picture. So unless it was a #tbt (throwback Thursday), both Dean and Caelynn appear to have been on flights on Sept. 3. Traveling together, perhaps?
This isn’t the only Instagram post hinting that Caelynn and Dean Unglert may be dating each other after BIP. Back in July, Dean and Caelynn both posted Instagram photos of their travels in Spain. While they were not together in any of the pics (well how stupid would they have to be?), savvy fans assumed they were on vacay together. Caelynn’s photo was since deleted. Dean is also the only BIP guy who she has a photo of on her account. But meanwhile, we’ve lost count of how many she smooched while in Paradise. (Blake at Stagecoach, followed by Mike, Connor, anyone else missing?)

Dean also posted about the two of them with a video on Aug. 16 of Caelynn kissing his cheek at the resort with the caption, “When you grow a mustache and move into a van in an effort to effectively remove yourself from the dating pool but then you meet someone who’s into that weird shit.”

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when you grow a mustache and move into a van in an effort to effectively remove yourself from the dating pool but then you meet someone who’s into that weird shit #bachelorinparadise

A post shared by Dean Michael Unglert (@deanie_babies) on

When we look at Caelynn and Dean‘s Instagram pages, we see that both of them posted photos in Spain on July 10. Quite the coincidence if they weren’t together, right?

According to E! News, a source exclusively confirmed on July 15 that the two were dating, and they even addressed those Spain-tagged pictures. “Caelynn traveled to Spain to meet Dean and they were together for four days. They are now in Venice and plan to travel around Italy together before coming back to LA,” the source said.

Caelynn has added a few new photos of herself on a beach with palm trees, and a “Paradise part two” caption. Many think Dean, who  is a great photographer, snapped the pics.  Comments include “Well all know Dean took these stop playin [sic];” and “Clearly there with Dean [sic].”

It really doesn’t seem like Dean Unglert and Caelynn are going to great lengths to fool fans into thinking they are not a couple.

This coming week is the last two episodes in Paradise, followed by the BIP Reunion Show on Tuesday, September 17. Stay tuned.

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