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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Nicole Lopez-Alvar Apologizes For Body Shaming, “We All Deserve Love”

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Nicole Lopez-Alvar was the topic of a lot of social media hate after Monday’s Bachelor in Paradise episode. The star said some pretty horrible things but took to Twitter to clear the air afterward.

BIP Body Shaming

Starting at the beginning, Nicole started dating Clay who just broke up with Angela. Confusing, but it’s how the story goes. Clay went to Paradise where he forgot Angela and moved one with Nicole. UNTIL Angela arrived in Paradise. That’s when things started to get really sticky (as they always do on BIP).

According to Cosmo, Nicole made some pretty horrible comments about Angela’s body in an attempt to make Clay feel better. Those comments did not go unnoticed by viewers.

So what exactly did she say? “She’s weak. Literally, she’s like one pound. She has no body mass. She needs some Cuban meat on her bones.”

That’s just not something that is okay to say anymore. Calling someone out on their mental and physical appearance is just harsh. Fans were sure to call her out.

“Angela didn’t do anything wrong so it’s really really icky that Nicole has said she hates her, and is body shaming her just for like existing in Clay’s orbit…. ” one person commented back to her.

Nicole kicked off the night by saying she was ‘canceled,’ gaining a few laughs from fans.

“Omg Nicole is canceled #BachelorInParadise,” she tweeted.

She then went on to talk about how amazing Angela is and how inappropriate her words were.

While it’s easy to see that Nicole was comforting Clay, that may also not really be what he needs to know at that point in time. What matters though is that she realizes what she did wrong. Not only that, but she’s owning up to it publicly.

Nicole isn’t the only one tweeting

Turns out, Nicole isn’t the only one taking to social media with apologies after an episode of BIP aired. Even John Paul Jones posted on Instagram talking about how sorry he was for being disruptive during the wedding of Chris and Krystal Randone. Of course, that one didn’t go quite as smoothly. Derek Peth actually stepped in and shut him down. They have so much unresolved drama though, this didn’t come as a surprise.

Were you offended by what Nicole said? Did you appreciate her tweets? Sound off in the comments below. Be sure to watch new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise every Monday and Tuesday night. You don’t want to miss what could happen next.

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