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Duggar: Jessa Shares Sweet Photo, Ivy Bonds With Grandpa Seewald

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On social media, Jessa Duggar Seewald shares all kinds of sweet updates. She posts lots of pictures of her kids. She shares the funny things they say. Sometimes, she even shares videos of them singing or baking. She and her husband, Ben Seewald, are the proud parents of Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy.

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For the past few months we have been trying to do better about having regular family devotions. Sometimes we block out time for it in the morning, and sometimes we do it at night, just before bed. . The boys have loved learning new songs! We sing the same hymn (first verse & chorus) several times a day for a week straight, before moving on to a new song. They pick it up so fast! Usually by the third day, they have it down. 🎵👦🏼👦🏻🎶 It’s been so sweet to hear their little voices singing these song around the house during the day. And when we go to church, Spurgeon has asked “Are we going to sing our song today?” . We have also been doing some scripture memory for a few minutes each day, adding in a new verse every week or so. We add hand motions to the verse, and that helps us all remember. Sometimes we also recite a bit from the Baptist catechism for kids. . For Bible stories, we have been using “The Big Picture Story Bible” by David Helm. The boys love the illustrations and they never forget to ask for a story before bed! . Sometimes we miss days, but it’s helpful to have a goal—something we’re striving for! . I’d love to hear from some of you! What are your favorite traditions or resources you use in teaching your kids about Jesus?

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Recently, Jessa was silent on social media for over a month. This came as a surprise to her followers because she didn’t say she was taking a break. For a little while, fans got worried about her. Then, we found out that she was just busy with the kids.

Because she shares so much on social media, Duggar fans look forward to seeing what she has to post. Fans definitely missed Jessa while she was taking a hiatus. Now, Jessa is back and posting just as often as she was before.

Jessa Duggar posts adorable picture of Ivy and Grandpa Seewald

On Sunday, Jessa shared an adorable new picture. She posted a picture of Ivy with her Grandpa Seewald. This is Ben’s father. He is sitting on the couch holding three-month-old Ivy on his lap. Both Ivy and her grandfather are staring at each other. Ivy seems fascinated with him, and she also seems very content. In her caption, Jessa wrote, “Time with family is priceless.” She also tagged the Seewald family’s Instagram account.

One Duggar fan in the comments wasn’t sure who this was, but other fans were quick to clear things up. Unless fans follow the Seewald family as well, they may not know who Ben’s family is.

In the comments section of the post, fans are loving the new photo that Jessa shared. They are saying how sweet it is. One fan writes, “Absolutely adorable!!! Ivy with her grandpa!! It’s a stunning pic! How he looks at her is priceless!”

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Time with family is priceless. 💞 @seewaldfamily

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Since Ivy’s birth, some fans have thought that Ivy looks like Henry while others think she looks like Spurgeon. In the comments section of this recent post, one fan writes, “She favors Henry so much. Beautiful picture!!” Fans also think that Ivy looks like Jessa. On this post, someone writes, “Gorgeous shot He is holding a mini Jessa!! She looks exactly like you!!!” Someone thinks that Ivy looks like both Henry and Spurgeon and writes, “Even with this angle I can tell she looks exactly like her brothers .”

What do you think of this adorable moment between Ivy and her grandfather? Do you agree with what Duggar fans are saying? Leave a comment below!

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