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‘OutDaughtered’: How Did Danielle And Adam Busby Find Names For Each Quint?

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OutDaughtered fans see Adam and Danielle Busby basically writing their own book on how to raise quints. But their efforts started before the babies even arrived. As so many parents do, they pondered over the right names for their little girls before they were born. It’s just that most people need not come up with five names all at once. So, how did they find the names for each quint? Danielle and Adam explained it to their fans in August.

OutDaughtered information supplied on the Bubsy’s YouTube account

More and more these days, fans find out information from the It’s A Buzz World channel on YouTube. But, TLC also delivers more interesting facts. It seems fans of OutDaughtered not only love the family but insatiably want more information. And, that extends beyond the quints. Big sister Blayke captured their hearts as well, with her sweet attitude and a big smile. So, if you ever wondered how the quints and Blayke all got their names, Danielle talked about it on TLC. They partnered with Target and TLC in collaboration for their Summer Anthem TV spot.

Of course, when Blayke was born, they had no idea another five little girls would join the family. So, that was a bit easier for them. In the video which you can see below, Danielle explained the origin of Blayke Louise. They loved the idea of Blayke, a”unisex-type name,” Cheatsheet noted. Her second name, Louise, came from Danielle’s grandmother, Mary Louise. Actually, Blayke Louise really is a lovely name, and it would be interesting to know how many OutDaughtered fans adopted that name for their own family.

Naming the quints involved the family of the Busby parents

These days, OutDaughered fans know the names of the quints. However, the difficulty comes in identifying which is which. If you’re not sure, we carried an article on that in July. We noted, “Now four-years-old, it seems impossible to tell Ava and Olivia apart. Many fans examine them closely to find the finest details that tell them apart. Others simply have no idea how to differentiate them.” But Country Living explained it, to try and assist fans. Interestingly, Ava and Olivia, the twins were among the first names the Busby’s choice for the quints.

In their video, Danelle explained they were the only two OutDaughtered quints to start names with vowels. But, you should know that if you follow their social media, Olivia’s often shortened to Lulu, so don’t be confused by that. The other names came from family sessions, where they’d suggest names and combinations and basically brain-storm them. The remaining three quints were named from other family members and their own ideas.

Quints’ names – how did they name them?

For the remaining quints, Danielle and Adam settled for Hazel Grace, from Adam’s side of the family. Then Riley Paige, who started kindergarten ahead of her sisters came from a name they toyed with for Blayke. The Paige bit came from a niece. Then, Parker Kate once again shows an example of a possible unisex name.

What do you think of the names that Danielle and Adam Busby chose for Blayke and the quints? Do you think they’re lovely? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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