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Hannah B Drinks Up With Cosmo, Discusses Tyler C, Engagement and More

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Even Michelle (Allyson Hannigan) who kept saying “that one time in band camp” in the movie American Pie got married to Jim (Jason Biggs). Ironically, Jason Biggs made a cameo during a group date about childbirth in Episode 3 of Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette.

Be Careful of Drinking & Shooting Off Your Mouth While Being Video Taped

“Do you remember that one time I then asked another person out on a date on national television after I got unengaged and then — just read the tabloids,” Hannah B quipped to Cosmo during the latest installment of the Taste Test Video Series.

This video came out only four days after Tyler was seen partying with Gigi Hadid at the VMA after-parties. You can check it out below.

Everyone Wants To Be Friends With the Girl Next Door Hannah B

Most fans found this video to be hilarious and consistent with her somewhat quirky, yet adorable, speaks straight from the heart, authentic personality. Many people posted that they would love to hang out with Hannah and what a blast she is. Other comments included:

  • “She keeps it real time! We all go through personal situations, hers were national news. Tough,” wrote one female.
  • “She’s so perfectly imperfect and I just want to be her friend.”
  • “She’s just so damn relatable and funny.”

It’s good that her fans are reassuring her that they still love her. She’s a beautiful, 24 year old woman in the prime of her life who was the lead of her own season of The Bachelorette, traveled the world courtesy of ABC-TV and about to compete as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars on September 16. She is close with her family and has a squad of friends. And yet it seems that Hannah needs all the love and support she can get.

But Is She Really “The Girl Next Door?”

Because when you think about it, she is so not the girl next door. Very few females grow up in the pageant circuit. More importantly, only a dozen have gotten to date 25+ eligible Bachelors on prime-time television with a stylist, hair and make-up people waiting on you hand and foot. So she didn’t wind up getting to keep the sparkling Neil Lane engagement ring. But instead of nursing a broken heart, she was flown down to Paradise to be there for her friend Demi and is rehearsing for DWTS.

Hannah B, there’s a lid for every pot. Keep your beautiful chin up, don’t give up, good luck competing for the mirror ball and when you least expect it, you’re Mr. Right will show up. You never know she could find it on DWTS.

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