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‘RHOC’: Fans Divided Over Shannon Beador Claiming Ignorance Of Car Mic – ‘Train’ Rumor

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RHOC fans saw the episode where the ‘train’ rumor got openly voiced about Kelly Dodd. Discussed as totally staying within the group in the car, it came out in the show. Now, fans disbelieved Shannon Beador’s claims she had no idea the mic was on the vehicle. Well, it was, and the ugly ”train’ rumor discussion got totally recorded. And, then aired on national television. If you’re not sure that the ‘train’ rumor is, then read on to find out more.

RHOC fans divided over Shannon Beador claims on the ‘train’ and the car mic

After the episode aired, Shannon Beador took to her Instagram about it. She posted up, “I refused to say anything until the cameras were off and no one was mic’d. And I made sure no one had a microphone on them when we got into the car. What I didn’t know is that there was still audio in the car after our dinner.” She added the hashtags, “#truth #notahypocrite #goodfriend and #rhoc.” Well, some fans simply disbelieve her.

One RHOC follower pointed out, “That’s a lie.” And, unimpressed, Shannon fired back, saying, “well I was there and know the truth, But apparently you have some special knowledge. Please share with us.” Well, when you ask, you get, and Shannon got this reply: “the network provides the cars for you. You know those go pros are always on. They aren’t going to miss a storyline…” The argument continued for a while, as Shannon wouldn’t back down. But, other fans had lots to say about the ‘train’ rumor’ and where the blame should be placed.

The ‘train’ rumor and incident with Kelly Dodd

The train rumor involves a story that got picked up that Kelly allegedly made love to multiple men. It’s slang for multiple men between the sheets, one after another.  Nobody was going mentioned it, but Tamra first mentioned the word at dinner. Meanwhile, Vicki’s getting blamed for it. RHOC Fans argued a bit about it all. Some felt that Shannon should have said something to Kelly Dodd. After all, a friend might want another fried to be prepared if the subject ever came up.  But probably nobody expected it to get dished in public on television.

One RHOC fan noted, “From watching the episode it didn’t seem like Vicki was the one to say it but Tamra who said the word.” Another agreed, saying, “Tamra loves trouble, she starts it with one word, in an innocent voice, then sits back to watch it happen. Shame on her” Another noted in favor fo Shannon Beador. “Love you, Shannon, it was Tamra 100% trying to stir the pot and you desperately tried to keep it under wraps.” If you watch below, you’ll see that it actually was Tamra who used the ‘train’ word first, not Vicki.

What do think about this conversation in the car that Shannon claims she never thought would be recorded? Do you think after all this time on the show she should know Bravo’s production crew better than this? It looks like Vicki brought it up first, but in retrospect, it seems that Tamra actually used the word first, not Vicki. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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