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‘DWTS’ Spoilers, ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown’s Dancing Partner Revealed

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Hannah Brown, the former Bachelorette, is having the time of her life post-starring on the show. Now, she is making her way to another fan favorite, Dancing with the Stars. Despite the efforts to keep everything about the season a secret, Hannah’s dancing partner has been revealed.

‘The Bachelorette’ Dancing Partner Revealed

Hannah Brown’s dancing partner on this season of Dancing with the Stars will be pro dancer, Alan Bersten. These rumors came out a while ago, but now The Inquisitr is confirming the rumor. The cast really has been good about keeping it all a secret, but there’s no keeping the paparazzi away.

Photos revealed The Bachelorette and Alan together. That made people suspect that they could be a good partner set come the new season of the dancing show. There are several photos of them walking two and from rehearsal together as well as talking.

They would make a great partnership if Hannah can keep up. She was a pageant girl though, so there’s lots of hope for how much dancing talent Hannah will have. Maybe she could even take home the crown at the end. Only time will tell!

What else is going on with Hannah?

Right now, Hannah is pretty focused on winning the show. Apparently, she’s leaving all the dating drama behind. On The Bachelorette she actually did get engaged. However, then she found out that Jed Wyatt, her fiance, had a girlfriend before coming on the show. The girlfriend thought they were still dating. Of course, that didn’t go over well with Hannah. Their relationship ended shortly after getting engaged.

Then, she asked her runner up, Tyler C., on a date. However, it seems like maybe it didn’t go as well as planned. He’s now been seen out on many different dates with Gigi Hadid. Definitely not Hannah Brown.

Overall, Hannah just wants to win. No surprise there, she’s been competing her whole life. This shouldn’t be any different.

“Of course I want to win. You don’t compete in something if that’s not your goal, you should always want to succeed,” she said. “But I just want to continue getting better and better each week and have that competition for myself, not with the other contestants.”

She definitely needs this competition to keep her mind off of everything. Her fans will certainly be rooting her on!

What do you think of Hannah Brown’s dancing partner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to watch the rest of the Bachelor nation cast fall in love on Bachelor in Paradise every Monday and Tuesday night. You never know what drama will come next.

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