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Jill Duggar Shares Video Of Terrified Son, Fans Are Not Amused

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As a mother your first instinct when your child is scared is to comfort them. A scared child needs to get into a situation where they can feel safe again. That’s why fans were scratching their heads at Jill Duggar sharing an Instagram sharing of her son, Samuel, scared to death. Jill shared her husband fixing a window on the car with what looks like plastic. She said check out my stories for the funny story.

Fans expected to find a funny story of how the window got broken or maybe an incident that happened to her husband. That’s not what they got when turning into her story, because she shared her son crying.


What Did Jill Duggar Share On Her Instagram Story?

The broken window Jill Duggar shared wouldn’t go up . They put a plastic bag over it and it made a noise flapping in the wind that disturbed baby Samuel.

In the video you can see Jill Duggar laughing as her terrified son cries in the back. She’s holding the plastic and captions roll across including one that says, “poor baby, he’s scared.” While they were keeping the rain off of him, fans didn’t understand why she shared his scared little face with her followers. According to OK Magazine the baby screamed, “mama, mama, mama!” He clearly needed someone to help him and not laugh at his distress, because he didn’t understand what was going on.

One fan was very disturbed and shared a lengthy post. She said, “This is flat-out very unkind and unfeeling actions towards a child. He looks to you two pinheads for his physical and emotional well being…. to laugh about it on social demonstrates a very low level of empathy and concern on your part.” The poster went on to say that Jill and her husband show a lack of empathy with all their children. She stated this is a pattern we’ve seen since Israel was a few months old.

Another commented, “Who laughs when their child is frightened?” It’s a good question. Of course, not everyone hates on her. Some fans said no matter what she does, she’ll get criticized according to US Weekly.

Did The Reality Star Post This For Attention?

Some fans accused Jill Duggar posting the video for attention knowing people would be upset about it. One Instagram user said, “Seriously, why would you post something you know is going to upset a lot of people? You’ve become one of those people who posts on purpose for the hate just to remain pious when you don’t comment on the haters.”

Whether it was just a poor choice when judging whether to share this or not, or if it was for attention, Jill Duggar sure got a lot of attention for this video.

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