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’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ – Corey Confronts Evelin On Past Relationships, Stands By Her

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way featured Evelin’s old flame’s confession to Corey that they shared a bed.

Corey returns to Evelin and gets in her face about it. Of course, fiery Evelin is not happy and gives it straight back. Having started this, he now steps up and stands by her. Albeit, a little bit late for Evelin’s haters. Now, both of them spoke out against that hate.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans see Evelin as the TLC show’s villain

Every season of the popular franchise, there’s a villain. Very skillfully edited and produced, inevitably we manage to see the bad side to at least one couple. Of course, drama and villains bring great views. This time. on 90 Day Fiance,  it’s Evelin’s turn.

During the current season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, she piled on lots of haters for her rather abrupt manner and apparent selfishness. However, some fans felt for her when Corey talked about her infidelity. According to Evelin’s Instagram, she’s flipping out with anger over Corey. Maybe, she should flip out on Raul who spilled the beans in the first place.

It got dirty when Raul told Corey that the whole town of Engabao, in Ecuador called him “El Cachudo.” In other words, he’s a cuckold and she’s a cheater. That’s a bit embarrassing, so Corey confronts Evelin. After all, he’s angry she’s apparently banging her way to happiness when he’s not around. However, she flips on him and throws him out.

Of course, haters screamed with joy and intensified their trolling. But, now Corey stands up for Evelin.


Corey and Evelin speak up about haters after past relationships revealed

Evelin naturally comes out against 90 Day Fiance haters. She says that women should uplift other women. Well, in the real world, it’s a bit hard to uplift someone who’s apparently cheating on a good ol’ American Mormon boy.

Evelin adds that Corey hurt her. Once again, she flips it on him. She’s disappointed he’s the one with a problem. In fact, she justifies it as she and Corey seem to regularly take breaks from each other.

Actually, some fans wonder how she’d feel if Corey did the same thing with his old flames back home.

Corey, with the infinitely immovable block of loyalty, hates on the haters as much as Evelin does. He said on his IG post, “I envy you @evelin_ecuador You are the world’s example of a strong [woman!] Through all the negativity from jealous haters, you keep your head up above everyone. You are beautiful inside and out and you own it! You keep rocking it like you do best!”

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I envy you @evelin_ecuador You are the worlds example of a strong women! Through all the negativity from jealous haters you keep your head up above everyone. You are beautiful inside and out and you own it! You keep rocking it like you do best! In the end it’s just people upset that you are doing it right and trying to bring you down with them. You understand the importance of loving yourself! Never lose sight of that. All women should love who they are. Too many women are self conscious about their appearance and look to bring down others instead of focusing on bringing themselves up. Keep strong Evelin, keep doing you and keep setting the awesome example that you are for everyone to see ❤️ #strongwomen #inspiration #beautiful #tlc #example #90dayfiancetheotherway #90dayfiance #beautifulwomen #beautifulgirls #bikinigirls #bikini #brazil #florianopolis #braziliangirl #beach #sexy #girl #love #rollmodel #coreyandevelin #summer #sun #throwback #latina #playa

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Corey seems loyal to Eveline despite him confronting her

Okay, Corey, we get it: you’re besotted it seems. He ends his tirade with, “keep doing you and keep setting the awesome example that you are for everyone to see.”

Well, judging from many fan reactions, “no thanks.” It seems they don’t all think she’s an awesome example of admirably dealing with prior relationships.

What do you think about Corey standing up for Evelin? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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