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Reality Steve Reveals Who Will Be ‘The Bachelor’ 2020

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There have been a ton of rumors flying about who would be The Bachelor 2020. It turns out that Reality Steve says that he knows the answer. He is even saying that it isn’t a guess, but he knows for sure. So who will be handing out roses?

Reality Steve shares The Bachelor 2020

Reality Steve went to his Twitter today to share who will land the role. According to his tweet, it will be Peter Weber. Here is what Steve had to say.

There has been a lot of talk that the lead won’t be shared until September. That is just a week away, though. They could announce it on Dancing With the Stars. Another option is for them to do it on Bachelor in Paradise.

Peter Weber getting the job

Peter Weber has been an obvious choice for this role. He was in the top three on Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette. They usually pick from one of these three guys. Sometimes it ends up being someone from Bachelor in Paradise. Since Peter wasn’t on that show, he didn’t have a chance to find love there before The Bachelor. He could have found love out in the real world, though.

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Auditioning for Top Gun 3

A post shared by Peter Weber (@pilot_pete) on

Peter is a pilot. He has been back to work at Delta from his Instagram posts. They normally start filming in September, so he should be back to work for reality television soon. Peter Weber is great for the role. It will be interesting to see if he can find the perfect girl for him.

Hannah B will be back on television again soon as well. She was just cast on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. This will air on ABC on Monday nights starting next month. There is always a chance that they announce Peter there with her watching.

Do you think that Peter Weber will be a great Bachelor? Share your thoughts in the comments. Don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday night on ABC. The new season of The Bachelor won’t start until January of 2020.

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