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’90 Day Fiance’: Colt, Mom Debbie Join ‘Pillow Talk’ This September

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90 Day Fiance birthed the addition to TLC’s franchise – Pillow Talk. Popular, initial reactions from fans were favorable. Now, Colt Johnson and his mom Debbie join the cast this September. However, not all fans of the show rave about it. While both of them built up a fan following, they also garnered their share of haters. Mostly, these haters disliked the extremely close relationship mom and son maintain.

90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk cast – other couples

Pillow Talk‘s in its second season and starting September 15, new couples join the cast. Apart from Colt and Debbie, we’ll see David and Annie. The couple first featured on 90 Day Fiance in Season 5. Later, they returned in Season 3 of Happily Ever After. E!News revealed that Kalani and Asuelu also feature on Pillow Talk. Actually, it seems that just after you decide to unfollow them on Instagram, these couples pop back up on our screens. Kalani and Asuelu raise both their cute little kids these days.

Loren and Alexei from 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? feature on Pillow Talk. Plus, most fans of the show already know Tarik and Dean and enjoy their funny banter.  Elizabeth and Andrei drew heavy criticism from fans during their appearances on 90 Day Fiance.  Many fans thought him overly dominant with masculine toxicity. Plus they felt Elizabeth Potthast sponged off her dad too much. These days they post up their outings with their fast-growing daughter and Andrei looks well into the parenting thing.

Colt and mom Debbie on Pillow Talk seems an odd choice to some fans

The return of Colt and Debbie to Pillow Talk seems an uneasy fit for some fans of the show. 90 Day Fiance fans recall that Larissa Lima felt her marriage couldn’t ever work with Debbie living in the same house. They also recall that Debbie got consulted over intimate details that should remain between husband and wife. Even the ring down the toilet incident got brought up by Colt in front of Debbie: As if he had a tale to tell the teacher.

While some fans love it that mother and son share a close relationship. Others feel it’s uncomfortably close to the edge of obsession. Fans on Instagram immediately picked up on that, and more than just a few feel it’s very odd they’re on Pillow Talk. Others fervently hope they sit on a couch and not on a double bed as the others do. According to Colt, we’ll also see a few guests. Probably, he’s referring to his mom’s cats.

Loyal followers of Colt and Debbie rejoice at the news

Those fans who love Colt and Debbie seem excited about it. In fact, for some time now, they said they hoped for them on the cast of Pillow Talk. Here’s what some 90 Day Fiance fans said in favor of them:

  • @fault_in_our_stars7476: “they say if a man treats his mother with love and respect that he will do the same with his future wife 💗🤗.”
  • @smartarsebutler: “It’ll be gold old boy!”
  • @platinum_goth: “if I was offered money to be on Pillow talk with MY mom I’d say hell yes.”
  • @thecoordinatedkitties: “The other 90 day peeps from the previous show were not all couples either – twins, the brothers.”

Over on Debbie’s Instagram, most followers seem totally ecstatic about them featuring on the show.

What do you think about seeing Colt and mom Debbie on Pillow talk? Do you think they’ll add humor the show as they discuss other couples? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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