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Scheana Shay Tells Haters She’ll Dress However You Want

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Scheana Shay got some serious hate from fans on a post to her Instagram from her sister’s 22nd birthday party. The Vanderpump Rules star got more criticism than usual according to US Weekly on a recent Instagram post.

She was met with comments like, “grow up Scheana,” and another asking, “why cheapen yourself?” As any reality star knows you can’t really please everyone. The Vanderpump Rules star didn’t take the comments lying down, however.

What Had Fans Commenting On Scheana Shay And Her Sister’s Picture?

For her sister’s birthday, Scheana Shay rocked what fans considered not appropriate for her age. The Vanderpump Rules star rocked a dominatrix outfit complete with a whip.

Her sister wore a Barbie crop top with matching pink heels, a high pony with a pink scrunchie, and distressed jeans. The people in the background at The Electric Pussycat are in costume as well so it seems like that kind of night.

In the post that pictured the two of them, Scheana gushed about her sibling. She said, “You are my style inspo and I look up to you so much. I couldn’t ask for a better sister. I remember the day you were born and cannot believe that was 22 years ago.”

What Were Fans Saying About The Vanderpump Rules Star’s Outfit?

One commenter said, “Scheana, grow up. Aren’t you like 35? Who dresses like that at your age?” Others said similar comments about dressing more appropriately. While there were a lot of trolls, Scheana Shay does have her supporters as well.

A fan on her side said, “she’s unattached and has no kids.  She seems fine to me. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun.” For her part, Scheana also responded, “Lol. Right!? Grow up? So don’t go to costume parties? Got it lol.” Scheana Shay is going to continue to do what she pleases and dress how she wants. It’s all about Scheana’s Vanderpump Rules.


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