90 Day Fiance Deavan and Jihoon after he quits his job

’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’: Deavan Angry Jihoon Quits His Job

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way brings Deavan from Salt Lake City, Utah and Jihoon from South Korea. Ready to fly to South Korea, Deavan gave up her job. Plus, she sold all the stuff she owns. Now, she’s angry and concerned, as Jihoon quit his job. The 22-year old feels trapped into flying with her three-year-old daughter to make a new life in Korea.

90 Day Fiance couple face hurdles after Jihoon quit his job

In the preview for Monday night’s episode, Jihoon drops the bomb that he can’t afford keeping Deavan and Drascilla on his salary. He explains the reason for quitting the job arose after he maxed his credit cards. He feels his money situation “is very not good.” In fact, he tells Deavan that he quit because his old job was “okay” salary-wise. However, he earned too little to support himself and a family.

Speaking to the camera, the 90 Day Fiance dad-to-be explains further. He admits he “f**ked up” with his credit cards when he was young.” Nevertheless, he tells Deavan, “it’s okay.” Well, from Deavan’s viewpoint, “it’s not okay.” In fact, she looks a bit skeptical about his reasoning, The Wrap noted. After all, why quit before you find a new job? Plus, he saved no money for when she and Drascilla arrive in South Korea.

Deavan shares her anger about Jihoon with no job

The news from Jihoon about quitting his job leaves Deavan angry. Speaking to the camera, she says, “I’m pi**ed.” She points out that she wants to cancel her flight. However, she can’t. “I already quit my job. I already sold everything.” She concludes that’s “just not an option.”

In the preview for Monday’s 90 Day Fiance clip, Deavan genuinely looks shocked and taken aback at how casually Jhoon delivers the news that he quit his job. But, shock and distress quickly turn to anger. This puts her under even more stress. She faces a future in a foreign country with an alien culture. Basically, she’ll need to navigate her way through relatives and the language barrier.

No money, no job and a grim future for Deavan in South Korea

Right now, it looks like Deavan’s desperately worried. Probably, more concerned than angry. Actually, maintaining her anger won’t endear Jihoon to her. Right now, trusting that Jihoon makes the right moves on the financial front’s far more import for her.

Actually, this brings the reason Jihoon missed the birth of her baby into the fore once again. 90 Day Fiance showed us that she required urgent delivery because of high blood pressure. However, Jihoon couldn’t afford to cancel his ticket to the USA. So, he missed the birth and watched it via video conference.

What do you think about Jihoon telling Deavan he quit his job so casually? Do you think Deavan’s anger’s fully justified?  Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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