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Married At First Sight Star Elizabeth Bice Suggests Matt Gwynne Cheated On Amber Bowles

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Elizabeth Bice of Married at First Sight thinks Matthew Gwynne was wrong for not following through with his vows. She suggests his wife, Amber Bowles ignored red flags in their relationship. According to Reality TV World. She says cold body language and his disappearing act for hours shows he was cheating. In a recent episode of the show, Matt goes missing for two days leaving Amber wondering what’s going on.

Elizabeth Bice said, “it was hard for Amber because she gave 110 percent and she overlooked things. I think that’s what she’s trying to do right now.” She doesn’t think he’s sincere in his marriage and she thinks Amber is trying too hard.

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Elizabeth Bice Slams Matthew Gwynne’s Behavior On Married At First Sight

During Unfiltered, the host asked Elizabeth, “Knowing what you know about Matt and Amber’s rocky relationship, do you think Matt has held up his end of his vows — being respectful, patient and kind?” She didn’t hesitate to say, “no, he’s definitely not done that.” Elizabeth was Amber’s season nine co-star and she saw what she was going through. She said Amber didn’t feel wanted. When he disappeared she stayed up all night upset and called in sick to work.

Elizabeth Bice said of the relationship, “even though it’s an experiment you’re committed to someone. No matter how mad you are you don’t forget your wedding ring.” She said this about him taking his ring off which he said was to work out. Elizabeth didn’t buy that for a minute. Amber had said in a previous episode of Unfiltered, “Matt’s not really ready for marriage at this point. Matt’s biggest concern is Matt. He probably shouldn’t have done this if he wasn’t ready for forever.”

Keith Manley Also Had Some Things To Say About Matt Gwynne

Like Elizabeth Bice, Keith Manley doesn’t think Matt is invested in his wife either. On Unfiltered they watched a clip of Matt singing Amber a song for their one-month anniversary. Elizabeth said, “it was horrible, he’s a little tone-deaf.” Keith laughed hard. Jamie asked if the relationship seemed one-sided to them. Keith said, “It’s clear to me on one side that Amber is 100 percent for Matt, and I think what it looks like right now is Matt is still trying to figure out if he’s into her or not.”

Fans also think Matt Gwynne is cheating on her despite his denial. The Pastor Cal asked him, “where have you been, you do know this is destroying the marriage?” He then asked if there was another woman. Matt replied, “the fact that is even in question is disappointing. He insists he just got stressed. If Matt continues to leave and stay gone there’s a good chance the marriage won’t last. Fans will have to watch Married at First Sight to see how it turns out.

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