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’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ – Rebecca, ‘Before The 90 Days,’ Steps In To Bat For Evelin

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way crossed over in mutual support with Before The 90 Days when Rebecca Parrot stepped up to bat for Corey Rathgeber’s girl, Evelin. It came after Evelin took to her Instagram and wrote a long open letter to women who pull down other women.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans know Evelin deals with lots of hate

Evelin from Ecuador manages to rival Happily Ever After star Ashley Martson when it comes to the hate stakes. Meanwhile, Larissa Lima from her first days on 90 Day Fiance, got buried in hate. Now, Rebecca Parrot, while using humor and a pleasant personality to cope, also gets hated on. In fact, across the TLC franchise, it seems mostly the women who attract the trolls. People like Steven Frend, John Walters, and Coltee also got quite a bit, but women viewers seem far harsher on the females than the men.

Of course, nobody can imagine the kind of vile things many of the 90 Day Fiance franchise choose not to share. Some of these things are too bad, and may even cross the law in some countries. So, we possibly see a fraction of what they live with via their DMs every single day. Quite often, we see the stars break and slam their followers. In fact, we’ve seen Evelin do just that on her Stories. But, this time, she spoke out on a photo post, and Rebecca went over to support her.

Rebecca from Before The 90 Days supports Evelin

When Rebecca read Evelin’s post on her IG, she went in to stand for her. Recall that for Rebecca, who’s got her man Zied in Tunisia, this amount of hate from other women’s still quite new. Rebecca said, “This is not easy for us. Once we go on tv, suddenly everyone thinks it’s okay to tear us down. I’m sorry you’re having the same trouble I am. I hope you also have lots of people reminding you that you’re beautiful 😍 Stay strong!”

This came when Evelin highlighted the issue of trolls dissing 90 Day Fiance women. In her rather lengthy post, Evelin noted, “Women always focus on their flaws, I rather focus on my good. We should be lifting each other up not tearing us apart.” She feels that some trolls use “[Corey as a] “reason” to say all that cr*p but it’s not, he is not your reason to be horrible you are just horrible inside for no reason.”

Public personality, the right to say what haters want

Many haters claim that it’s the fault of the people who put up their hands and go on national TV. You see it all the time across social media, that it’s the “right” of those who pay to watch TLC to have their say. Like that monthly subscription means they personally own the women in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. But, when you read Evelin’s opening lines on her post, she throws it back on her haters. It’s something that should make people pause for thought. But, it’s still unlikely that many Americans will take much notice of it. It’s an unfortunate aspect of free speech, that haters and trolls make online-hate a part of the cultural norm in the USA.

Evelin wrote, “Imagine people telling you every day that you are ugly and not worthy of your man’s love. That your hair, your body, your smile, your clothes – everything is just wrong and that he doesn’t deserve you. I’m pretty sure the same people saying all those things [are] the same people that wouldn’t be able to handle it if someone [said] those things to them.”

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Imagine people telling you everyday that you are ugly and not worthy of your man's love . That your hair , your body ,your smile , your clothes everything is just wrong and that he doesn't deserve you. I'm pretty sure the same people saying all those things is the same people that wouldn't be able to handle it if someone say those things to them. I'm so freaking in love with myself , everything in me . Women always focus on their flaws I rather focus on my goods . We should be lifting each other up not tearing us apart. I know some of u use @coreyrathgeber_90 as your "reason" to say all that crap but it's not , he is not your reason to be horrible you are just horrible inside for no reason . My relationship with him is great and as you can tell we have nothing but live for each other and there's no hard feelings or disrespect .it's shocking to see the bullys being mom's, with stupid positive bios , "happy wife's " you are all a joke if you are an Internet bully. Get a life and let me be mine. Call me a narcisist , I don't mind it. I rather be so in love with myself than in desperate of getting people's approval. It is what it is . Please go get a life . And by the way the people writing stuff in spanish in Corey's post…get a clue; he does not understand it !! #90dayfiancetheotherway #90dayfiance

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Yes, it must be incredibly hard to deal with all the negativity. But, if there’s one silver lining for the people on the shows, good people exist. Nice people step in, like Rebecca, to bat for them. Are you one of those nice people? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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