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‘RHOBH’: Denise Richards, Aaron Phypers Date Night At TomTom, Team Lisa Fans Furious

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RHOBH fans saw the season end in acrimony and a lot of allegations about Lisa Vanderpump. But the drama continues to play out on Twitter. In a ding-dong Twitter fight, Denise Richards’s husband threatened to sue John Sessa of Vanderpump Dogs. Meanwhile, Lisa chipped in about the affair, and Denise went off on Lisa. In fact, it stemmed from Watch What Happens Live when Denise suddenly dissed Lisa over some “incidences” apparently off-camera.  Now Denise and Aaron Phypers pitched at TomTom for a date night. Team Lisa fans expressed their fury on Twitter.

RHOBH and the Aaron Phyper tiff over VP Dogs

To recap what heated up fast about the dogs, TV Shows Ace carried the story. In our article, we reported, “After Denise said they’d had issues, John Sessa implied Denise didn’t say thank you when they took the dogs in for her. Dr. John Sessa is Lisa Vanderpump’s partner at Vanderpump Dogs. He also was in the middle of the still going drama with Dorit Kemsley dubbed Puppygate so fans are familiar with him.”

Things escalated when John Sessa mentioned the dogs that got rescued and looked after, never came with any thanks or donations. Both Lisa and John could recall that as the only off-camera incident with them. It came when VP Dogs took in eight dogs for Denise during the Woosley Fires. So, all of a sudden, right at the end of the season, Denise Richards looked to have chosen to side with the ‘mean girls’ who ganged up