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Did Blake Horstmann Have His Eye On Being The Next Bachelor? Sounds That Way

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Blake Hortsmann is living quite the Casanova’s life. Only one year ago during Season 13 of The Bachelorette, Blake had been seen as a sweet, kind-hearted guy who got his heartbroken by Becca. When Hannah G. was rejected by Colton, Bachelor Nation was enthusiastic for these two to become a couple because they were both nice, real and good-looking.

Blake Horstmann’s life now

More recently, we almost need a flow chart complete with photos to keep track of who Blake is putting the moves on. TVShowsace has been keeping up with this player since last Monday’s Bachelor in Paradise premiere.

Chris Harrison told People, “It blew up his [Blake’s] face on a grand scale.” It’s not purely coincidence that Blake Horstmann is down at Paradise with Caelynn, Kristina and Hannah G.  This season of BIP is also showing how much girls like the bad boy. They prefer chasing what they can’t have.

Chris talked to People about Blake and had the following to say: “Do I think he’s a bad guy? No. He probably got a little full of himself, started believing all the hype and believing he was as good as everyone was telling him, which happens…Hopefully he can come back down to earth a little bit. We all need to be humbled from time to time.”

Maybe Blake had another motive

Now a source close to the Blake/Caelynn drama has explained to ET that Blake — who clearly didn’t want his trysts with Caelynn and Kristina Schulman revealed on Paradise — may have had a motivation for keeping the hookups a secret. According to the source, Blake may have been playing a long game to being cast as the Bachelor. 

“He saw how it worked out for Colton Underwood,” ET‘s source said of Blake’s hopes to get the Bachelor gig after his stint on Paradise. “So, he was thinking that he could maybe try and become the Bachelor. He was keeping his options open.”

As for his Bachelor chances, host Chris Harrison admitted Stagecaoch was a “disaster” for Blake but said that they’re waiting to announce the next Bachelor for a reason. Hmmm, that might put Peter and Mike on their toes.

Personally, I’m still rooting for Mike due to his age, ethnicity and that megawatt smile. Who do you want to be the next Bachelor? Stay tuned for what plays out next for Blake, Caelynn, Kristina and everyone else on Monday, August 12th and Tuesday, August 13th on Bachelor in Paradise.

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