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Jade Roper Tolbert Hits 36-Weeks-Pregnant Mark, Fans Predict Another Month Before Birth

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Jade Roper Tolbert fans know her from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Later, she and Tanner Tolbert married and had a little girl Emmy. Now, nearing the end of her second pregnancy, she’s “more pregnant than she’s ever been.” She took to her Instagram to share the comparison between the two pregnancies.

Jade Roper’s often on Instagram and speaks frankly about pregnancy

Jade spends quite a lot of time keeping in touch with her fans on Instagram. Through her pregnancy, she shared a lot of pictures and expressed her feelings. TV Shows Ace reported in June that after they returned from a trip to Italy, she felt “pregnant, sick exhausted and overwhelmed.” Well, that’s not something you hear many celebs say online. Jades’ very normal and human in that respect and fans love her for it.

Also in June, Jade posted up and invited suggestions about a baby name. In that post, she wrote, “30 weeks and baby is still nameless!! We joked around maybe he needs an Italian name after this trip, but we still don’t have a solid name lined up. Taking suggestions again, go!!” Some unusual and lovely names were proposed by her followers. That makes people think of her like ‘family.’ So, there’s lots of interest in the new baby.

Now at 36-weeks-pregnant, Jade shared a comparison

Jade hit 36-weeks-pregnant this weekend and she looks about ready to pop. In her caption, she wrote, “Officially the most pregnant I’ve ever been! Yesterday marked 36 weeks exactly, which was the point where I gave birth to Emmy. Excited to spend however much time I have left with this little guy in my belly. 🤗❤️” Next, she invited fans to go to the next pic of her at the same stage in the same dress, with Emmy.”

Fans concluded that Emmy looked to have dropped already. Plus, the new baby still rides very high. Certainly, the comparison’s easy to make. Because of that, many fans think Jade Roper Tolbert will see a full 40-week journey before the birth. That means another month to go yet if they’re correct.

Fans chat about the new baby for the Tolbert family

Fans love to talk and have their say, and this time, it looked like the comparison interested them very much. Here’s what some of them said about the difference between the two pics:

  • @mel**: “Carrying higher this time, for sure. Absolutely beautiful with both pregnancies.”
  • @js4**: “ou look so pretty! He is sure much higher than she was at this point!”
  • @jes**: “He looks higher up… maybe a 40 weeker 💙.”
  • @whe**: “Doesn’t even look like baby boy has dropped yet! Also, how do you look so stunning at 36 weeks? I literally was in my husbands clothes eating all the foods.”
  • @con**: “You look like you have dropped with your last pregnancy at this time. The little dude isn’t ready yet.”

Many similar comments came along, and some wished her a happy and safe childbirth. What do you think about the two photos? Do you think Jade Roper Tolbert’s little boy’s going to be a 40-weeker? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace for more news about Jade Roper and her baby.

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