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‘OutDaughtered,’ ‘LPBW’ Real Life Crossover – Danielle Busby Hangs With Audrey Roloff In Hawaii

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OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby flew into Maui, Hawaii with Adam this week. Wondering if she’d meet up with her friend Audrey Roloff in a real-life crossover, TV Shows Ace reported on it. Now, we can confirm that the two reality TV stars are hanging together in Hawaii.

OutDaughtered comes soon, LPBW currently airs on TLC and the stars get together in Hawaii

Fans of OutDaughtered waited a long time for the new season to arrive. In fact, in one episode of the show, it seemed that Danielle Busby never really enjoyed her time in Hawaii. Actually, she suffered migraine attacks and cried. Hopefully, this time around with Audrey Roloff and the LPBW family, she’ll enjoy a great time.

Certainly, going by Audrey Roloff’s Instagram Stories, everyone looks relaxed and happy. While Audrey posted pics of little Ember, it seems the Busby kids stayed back home with family. Actually, on her Instagram, Danielle showed how she’s spending quite a lot of time getting in Face Time with the quints and Blayke Louise.

Audrey Roloff shares pictures of Danielle Busby hanging with her in Maui, Hawaii

On her Instagram stories, Audrey posted up loads of pictures showing Jeremy, grandpa Matt Roloff, and Ember. Plus there’s another shot of everyone at a long table, where Adam Busby appears. However, she also tagged some pictures of her and friends at the pool. Yep, Danielle’s @dbusby tag’s there too. It looks like everyone got together at Wailea.

Actually, it looks like TLC’s got plenty of people who feel like one big happy family. Caryn Chandler posted about meeting up with the “LPBW producer & his fam. 🌺 #maui#hawaii #vacation.” Some fans commented on her post that they heard the Busby’s from OutDaughtered were also there.

Hawaii photos screenshot from Audrey Roloff and Danielle Busby – Instagram Stories

Danielle Busby and Audrey are good friends and crossover in real life

Danielle and Audrey enjoy each other and hold a common set of values. Both of these reality TV stars practice their Christian faith. In fact, TV Shows Ace noted, “Audrey and Danielle teamed up with the Always More clothing line that Audrey started.”

What do you think about the real-life crossover of OutDaughtered and LPBW? Do you think it’s nice for Danielle Busby that she and her friend Audrey got the time to hang together in Hawaii? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Two beautiful women, inside and out. Glad they can share their Christian values and talk about their children, etc. People that think alike and respect each other, deserve to spend time together.

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