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‘Little People, Big World’: Jeremy Roloff Says Zach Understands Why He Left The Show

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Little People, Big World fans know that Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey left the TLC show at the end of last season. Jeremy’s fans felt the show lost something when he moved on and they wanted to know why. Now, Jeremy talked about it to Access Live, noting that his twin brother, Zach understands why he left the show.

Little people, Big World lost Molly, Jacob, and Jeremy Roloff

The Little People, Big World show became a part of people’s lives and for Jeremy, probably most of his life. Fans of the show saw Molly and Jacob leave, but Jeremy and Audrey and their new baby, Ember still gave some glue to the series. Now, the new season’s a bit disappointing for some people, as the show’s altered direction over the years.

Matt and Amy divorced, with Matt getting together with former employee Caryn. Amy’s enjoying a relationship with Chris Malek. Zach and Tori remain the only ‘adult’ Roloff children in the show, along with their son, Jackson. Lots of fan theories arose that the end is nigh for the show, now that Ember, Jeremy, and Audrey left.

Jeremy and Audry leaving the LPBW show

In the interview  Access Live posted up to YouTube on April 11, talk turned to Jeremy’s hair and the reason he cut it. In fact, everyone decided he looked like Jason Bourne. Asked about Jeremy cutting his hair so short, Audrey replied saying he had short hair like that when they first met. So, “it’s a little bit nostalgic” for her.  Jeremy laughingly did a profile and mug-shot so people got the best look at his short hair.

Finally, they moved onto the question about why they left Little People, Big World. Jeremy explained that “14 years is a long time to do anything.” He pointed out that he “reached the point where it was never something he said “yes” to. In fact, he “just grew up doing it.” However, he notes that he does not regret doing the show and “wouldn’t trade it for anything” if he had to live his life all over again. He said it’s “been a long time and it’s time to do something else.”

Quit the show but not the family, and Zach understands

When Jeremy spoke about living without the cameras in his face every day, he mentioned that they “quit the show but not the family.” That’s why they still show up at family gatherings like Jackson’s birthday. That led to Jeremy being asked how his brother Zach felt about them leaving. In reply, Jeremy noted that “they all understand, everyone understands.” It’s been a family business and they all took part in it. It went on for 14 years and “that’s a long time to be working…together day in, day out.”

What do you think about Zach and the rest of the Roloff family understanding why Jeremy Roloff and Audrey left the show? With their new book, A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively. Date Intentionally. Love Faithfully on the market, do think they’ll move in a brand-new direction? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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