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Why Isn’t ‘Breaking Amish’ New on December 16, 2018?

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The fans of Breaking Amish are going to turn their televisions to TLC tonight really excited to watch a new episode. The sad thing is that you will find out it is not on at all. Instead, viewers are going to get a night of 90 Day Fiance on TLC. There will not be a new episode of Breaking Amish on December 16, 2018. It normally airs tonight, but that just won’t be the case this week.

Jeremiah Raber shares details

Jeremiah Raber went to his YouTube channel to share the news with fans. He is obviously sad that there isn’t a new episode tonight as well. He said that TLC was running a special and this is the reason the show won’t be on. Instead, you can see a new episode next week on Sunday night on TLC at the normal time. Somehow viewers will have to make it.

For some reason, TLC didn’t share this last week at the end of the show. It would have been nice to be able to plan ahead. At least most people have a DVR that automatically records new episodes for them.

What else can you watch tonight?

Jeremiah Raber shared that since the show won’t be on tonight to watch, he will be posting another video tonight. He didn’t share the details about what this video will be on. If you are subscribed to his YouTube you can get a notification when it comes out. This is one thing you can watch tonight.

Another option is watching 90 Day Fiance on TLC, which a lot of Breaking Amish fans do anyway. The Sound of Music is on ABC and the 2018 Miss Universe is going to air on Fox.

The fans of Breaking Amish were looking forward to a new episode tonight. This would have been a good one. Now everyone has to wait until next week to see it, but it should be worth the wait.

Don’t miss new episodes of Breaking Amish on Sunday nights on TLC. So far, there has been no news about if it will be renewed for another season, but fans are hoping this is not the end. Jeremiah and Carmela Raber are the only original cast members left since Mama Mary went back to living the Amish lifestyle.

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  1. I really loved Breaking Amish in the past. Now with Jeremiah in the lead roll it is full of hate and temper. It seems as all of the other Amish have gone on their own way. I do miss the first couple of seasons with the old regulars. Jeremiah is just too short tempered with his employees, considering all of the problems he has had on the show and off. Sadly I try to watch the show but if I miss it, I wouldn’t mind either. Good luck hope the show gets better…

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