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Amy Duggar Addresses Pregnancy Rumors, Shares How Fans Will Find Out

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There are always rumors that a Duggar is pregnant and the latest ones are about Amy Duggar King. She is actually a cousin to the Duggars of Counting On. Now, Amy is speaking out and admitting if she is pregnant or not. This is not the first time these rumors have flown about Amy. She has been married a few years, so they seem to come up every few months.

Is Amy Duggar King expecting?

Amy Duggar shared that she is not expecting a baby at this time or if she is she doesn’t want to announce it yet. The way that she worded it is kind of odd. Amy said, “Right now, I really don’t have anything to announce, but when I do, that won’t just come from some Duggar blog. It’ll be from my mouth.” It sounds like social networks will be the best place to find out this news from Amy Duggar. She could also give a statement to a big news site.

Amy shares baby plans

Amy actually shared that having a baby is something they want to do eventually. They will do it when the time is right for them. Amy and Dillon are enjoying their life as husband and wife for now. Not all of the Duggars rush to get pregnant the second they get married. Amy has always been open about the fact that she doesn’t do everything the same way her cousins do. She also said she wants children, but not 19 like Michelle Duggar. A few children should be enough for her.

You know that when Amy Duggar is pregnant and ready to reveal it she will shout it from the rooftops. For now, Amy is either not expecting a baby or is not far enough along to announce it to the world just yet. This reality star has always made it clear not to always believe everything you hear about her.

Do you think that Amy Duggar King will have a baby soon? Let us know in the comments and maybe she will show up on an episode of Counting On soon. It is always fun when she shows up for a visit.


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